Bear and cub euthanized after run-ins with local area residence, what happened?


Reports from Montana Fish, Wildlife, and Parks over in Kaispell say that a female bear thought to be about 6 years old a male cub were euthanized after "several conflicts with people" after several reports came in of these two bears getting into garbage ,cabins, houses, freezers all over Lincoln County, Montana.

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Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks state that after they caught these two bears, they found that the two were "severely food conditioned" and used to being in places also occupied by people.

The report continued to say while these two bears ransacked unsecured freezers, and trash cans, also showed aggressive behavior to people they countered along the way. Because of this behavior, Montana Fish, Wildlife and parks say that relocation of said bears is not an option.

Officials ultimately decided to euthanize on September 20th after consideration from the FWP and guidelines from Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee.

This comes after many news reports of bear happening over the summer here in Montana.

Earlier this year in a separate part of Northwest Montana, the expansion of Bear Buffer Zones were taken into consideration to help with the food condition problem FWP are having with bears in Potomac, MT. It seeked to expand the equipment needed to bear-proof garbage containers the have been a problem for bears and humans alike for some time.

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