The Williston Basin School District #7 is elated to announce the triumphant passage of the school bond referendum, marking a significant step forward for education in the region. According to the unofficial results of the vote on April 17, 2024, the bond received an impressive 66% of the "yes" votes, surpassing the necessary 60% majority.

The unofficial vote count stands as follows:

  • Yes: 2379
  • No: 1228

The official canvassing of the election, slated for Tuesday, April 30th at 5:00 PM in the District Office board room, will verify and finalize the results, cementing this momentous decision in the annals of Williston's educational history.

Williston Basin School District #7's $35 Million Bond Proposal Aims to Revolutionize Infrastructure and Expand Learning Opportunities

The proposed $35 million bond seeks to address crucial needs within the district, including the construction and equipping of a new elementary school, acquisition of land for the new school, and enhancements to existing school facilities. The chosen site for the new elementary school is nestled within Williston Square, strategically positioned to serve the community's educational needs efficiently.

For comprehensive details regarding the bond, concerned stakeholders are encouraged to visit the dedicated bond webpage on the official Williston Basin School District #7 website.

The Williston Basin School District #7 extends heartfelt appreciation to the community members who actively participated in the voting process, underscoring their invaluable role in shaping the future of local schools.

Superintendent Dr. Faidley Acknowledges Community Support and Pledges Accountability in Williston Basin School District #7's Endeavor to Build a Brighter Future

Reflecting on this milestone achievement, Superintendent Dr. Faidley expressed profound gratitude to the Williston community, emphasizing the district's unwavering commitment to transparency and responsible stewardship of the community bond funds. Dr. Faidley affirmed the district's dedication to delivering a new elementary school on time and within budget, reaffirming a collective pledge to uphold the trust and support bestowed by the community.

Board President Kyle Renner Celebrates Landmark Achievement in Williston's Education Landscape, Thanking Voters for Pivotal Role in Securing Brighter Future

Board President Kyle Renner hailed the referendum's passage as a resounding victory for public education in Williston, heralding a new era of progress for students, teachers, and the wider community. Renner extended heartfelt gratitude to all voters for their pivotal role in shaping the future trajectory of local education.

Board Vice President Chris Walstad Applauds Williston Voters' Forward-Thinking Investment in Education, Foreseeing Positive Impact on Academic Success and Community Prosperity

Board Vice President Chris Walstad echoed sentiments of pride and optimism, commending Williston voters for their visionary decision to invest in the district's future. Walstad underscored the profound impact that the new elementary school will have on academic achievements and the community's overall prosperity, highlighting the referendum's significance as a transformative investment in Williston's enduring legacy.

With the approval of the school bond referendum, Williston Basin School District #7 begins an exciting journey towards educational excellence and community enrichment, driven by a shared vision of innovation, inclusivity, and an unwavering commitment to student success.

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