Montana Has Rich History Full Of Unique Facts

Having become a state in 1889, in those 135 years there has been plenty that has happened in Montana.

Today we're going to take a look at 10 fun facts about the Treasure State that you can use to impress your friends with at your next gathering.

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The Top 10 Fun Facts About Montana

We got these 10 fun facts from the website Best Things Montana, which as the name implies is all about the things that make Montana the best.

#10. The First National Park Started In Montana

Arch Entryway at Yellowstone National Park

It's crazy to think about how Yellowstone National Park which was established in 1872, was around for 17 years before Montana became the 41st state in The Nation.

#9. Jeannette Rankin became the first woman elected to Congress

a photo of Jeannette Rankin from her time as a member of congress
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Not only was Jeannette Rankin the first woman elected to congress in American history, she's was elected for two different terms. She is still the only woman Montana has elected to congress.

#8. The Richest Hill On Earth Is In Montana

Berkley Pit In Butte Montana

Dubbed the "Richest Hill on Earth" during the late 1880s and early 1900s Butte saw a boom of gold, silver, and copper mining. Today, the Berkley Pit is best known as being one of the biggest Superfund sites in the world.

#7. Yogo Sapphires Are Found In Montana

a pile of Yogo Sapphires with a tweezer picking one up
Yogo Sapphires / Mac's Gems

Gold, silver, and copper aren't the only thing being mined in Montana. Due to the difficulty in mining the gemstone, estimates say there is still 28 million carats to be found.

#6. The Worlds Shortest River Is In Montana

The Roe River at Giant Springs Park In Great Falls Montana
Pat Frisch

The Roe River located at Giants Springs Park in Great Falls is considered by some to be the shortest river in the world. Its length is just 201 feet.

#5. Golden Eagles Prefer Montana

a golden eagel with its wings spread flys above the ground

While Golden Eagles can be found in other states, the highest population of them can be found right here in Montana.

#4. So Many Small Towns

a generic small town mainstreet

Montana's population just passed 1 million people. While Billings is the biggest city in Montana with just under 120,000 people, there are 372 towns in Montana with less than 1,000 people.

#3. Cows Outnumber People

a heard of black angus cattle

With such a low population of humans, it's no surprise that cattle out number us by almost 2 to 1.

#2. Montana Is The Largest Landlocked State

a map of montana showing the border outlined in red

While we might have the shortest river in the world, and the longest river in America starts in Montana, we are also the largest state without a coastline.

#1. Montana Has Proof Of Lewis & Clark's Expedition

William Clarks signature at Pompey's Pillar in Montana

Pompey's Pillar located 30 miles east of Billings, is home to William Clark's signature. Carved into the sandstone it is the only proof along the trail that can be viewed by the public.

What other facts do you know about Montana that we missed? Let us know through our App or email me your fun facts.


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