As the Bison were embarrassed last week, the fans of NDSU will stat to transition earlier than normal to UND Hockey fans.

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That move may be hastened in a couple more weeks with a November 4th matchup with SDSU.  The result of that game may be the Bison falling to every FCS team in the Dakotas.

It's Done
It's Done


NDSU will still most likely sneak into the playoffs as a wild-card, and make a playoff push, but their days of apex predators seem to be coming to a close. National Championships and woefully underperforming professional quarterbacks in the NFL have been the schools hallmarks over the last decade plus.

Is it time for a change to look for greener pastures?

Where They Could Go:

NDSU athletic director Matt Larsen and President David Cook have said no FBS leagues have invited the school and it has not engaged in discussions with any conferences.

Doth Protest Too Much
Doth Protest Too Much


If that is in fact true, it could quickly change given the current turmoil within the FCS landscape and the potential of the Mountain West expanding to gobble up the flotsam and jetsam that used to be the Pac 12, there would certainly be room to welcome a Bison team into what is arguably the worst conference in football.

FCS Rivalries: 



Who wouldn't want to see the Bison regularly go up against the likes of Stanford, Cal, Utah State, and Boise State in conference play.

A matchup against the Gophers?

A trip down to Colorado to take on the Fighting Dion Sanders'?

With the state of Mountain West it wouldn't be a stretch of the imagination to picture the Bison in a bowl game.  The Arizona Bowl or the Hawaii Bowl are right in the range of the Bison should they come in an perform decently in conference play.

Even if they sneak in at 6-6 they could even find themselves at the luxurious Duke's Mayo Bowl.

Who wouldn't want to see coach Entz doused in a Gatorade bucket full of mayonnaise upon Victory?

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