Count yourself among the lucky few of us who haven't found yourself working for someone who is as useful as a screen door on a submarine.

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Here are some tips to help you get through the day and maybe make things a little bit brighter.

Malicious Compliance

Malicious compliance is the act of blindly adhering to a superior's instructions even when one is aware that doing so would have an unforeseen or unfavorable outcome.

If you are asked for at least three examples in a presentation, three examples are what you'll deliver.

For more fun examples, take a look at the chaotic Malicious Compliance Reddit page.

Offensively Polite

Everyone deserves politeness, especially middle managers.

If you receive an email that is especially vapid, full of arrogance, or contains corporate talking points, DO NOT IGNORE IT.  Take the time to write out a thank-you email telling them how much you appreciate their utterly insufferable and moronic insightful and poignant information.

It will really warm your heart and make your day when they thank you for the "kind" words.

Creative Nicknames

This one is a bit risky and should be kept to yourself or in house, but come up with a fun little nickname to refer to the target of your considerable ire.

We here prefer the term Dough-eyed-mouth-breather.


Make friends by talking about the latest mindless directive.  Even when things are dismal with the cracking of whips ringing in your ears, suffering with a pal always make's it easier.

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