You may have some general trepidation about going to your mailbox and grabbing what's inside. Usually it's for a forgotten bill, an invitation to something you'd rather not attend, or a letter from your alma mater asking for money.

However, a recent cause for concern that hit the mail boxes across the nation, including North Dakota, came from Honda informing you that your vehicle was included in a list of Honda vehicles that have been tagged for a nationwide recall because of a potential issue with vital and important parts that help the vehicle function.

Honda Recall Details

The notice that many received in the mail explained exactly what the potential issue is with the Honda vehicles. In the notice, listed was every model Honda to which the recall applies; there are a lot of them.

Honda Grill

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For starters, the recall applies to the following vehicles:.

  • 2017–2020 Honda Pilot
  •  Accord Hybrid
  • 2018-2019 Clarity PHEV and Fit
  • 2018-2020 Accord
  • Civic
  • Civic Type R
  • CR-V
  • HR-V
  • Odyssey
  • Ridgeline
  • 2020 CR-V Hybrid
  • 2019-2020 Insight and Passport Vehicles

We need to know: What's the problem now? A possible defective impeller is the answer to your question.

Unsplash-Simone Secci-simonesecci

Unsplash-Simone Secci-simonesecci

From what the notice describes, the impeller is a part that is molded into the fuel pump module. The notice states that "over time, it can deform and cause the fuel to become inoperable.".

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Regardless of the model or brand, the gasoline pump is an essential component of every car. If your gasoline pump isn't working, or if it's about to fail, your car won't run, the engine won't start, and it will be nothing more than a big paperweight.

Fixing the Issue

Of course, as with any vehicular issue in a situation like this, the notice also gives clear and specific directions for all vehicle owners to follow and how Honda will correct the issue.

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The notice states that all customers will receive free replacements of the flawed parts from authorized Honda dealers as a remedy. There is a caveat, though, to what is otherwise excellent news. The replacement parts are "not currently available but are expected to become available in the fall of 2024." according to the warning.

Given the large number of models and thousands of vehicles that this issue could affect, the parts are not currently available, which is understandable. To put it simply, acquiring all the necessary replacement parts for repairs will require some time.

This is why Honda is requesting that their customers be patient. The last bit of knowledge is that, once the replacement components are on hand, Honda will start notifying customers again.

Customers can book an appointment for the repairs by calling any authorized Honda dealer when they get the follow-up messages.

Customers of Honda who may have previously had to replace a defective fuel pump impeller are the recipients of the notice's last critical piece of information. Customers may be entitled for reimbursement if they paid out of pocket for repairs related to this recall, according to the notice.

Customers can reach out to American Honda's Customer Support & Campaign Center to find out if they are eligible.

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