Our region is really not known for expensive restaurants. We are a pretty casual bunch in this part of the world and we have our favorites when it comes to a night on the town. Sure, the food is usually pretty good, and we are fortunate to have the upscale favorites in town like Williston Brew Company and The Williston, but what if we want to kick things up, and go all out? Where do you think the most expensive place in the state is to eat?

Lovefood.com asked just that. They put a list together of the most expensive restaurants to eat at in each state. North Dakota's is good...really good! As I said a minute ago, we have a good selection of places to eat in Williston. The most expensive eatery in North Dakota is out east. In Fargo. It's Cork N' Cleaver in Fargo.

Cork N" Cleaver - Fargo

The Casual Southwestern restaurant is Fargo’s premiere steakhouse, in operation since 1970, featuring aged hand cut Steaks, Prime Rib, Fish, Seafood, And Pasta. The appetizer menu is anchored by Lavosh, Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail, and Smoked Salmon as well as an assortment to tempt anyone's appetite. Are you ready for a road trip?

Cork N' Cleaver - Fargo

Whether it's a quaint corner bistro or an extravagant steakhouse, your opinions matter. So, dear readers, share your insights. What's your go-to spot for kicking things up a notch in our part of the world? Let's celebrate the diversity of our culinary landscape and uncover the best-kept secrets in our pursuit of exceptional dining experiences. Are you ready for a road trip to explore the culinary delights that our region has to offer? Share your thoughts on our social media pages, and let the conversation begin!

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