Montana is known for its vast natural resources and stunning landscapes, but it has also been home to several notable inventions that have made a significant impact on the world.

Here are some of the most significant inventions that originated from Montana:

Smokejumper Parachute System:

Boise smokejumper DHS-8-106 (Dash 8) aircraft training.


The smokejumper parachute system was invented in Montana in the 1930s to aid in fighting wildfires. The system allows firefighters to parachute into remote areas where fires are burning, enabling them to quickly contain and extinguish the flames. The smokejumper parachute system was first used by the U.S. Forest Service in Montana in 1940 and is still in use today

The Fiberglass Boat:

Angler in action


In 1938, R.G. Finney and F.R. Smith invented the first fiberglass boat in Kalispell, Montana. The invention was a significant milestone in the boating industry as it allowed for lighter and more durable boats that could be produced faster and more cost-effectively.

CRT Televisions:

Angler in action

The cathode ray tube (CRT) was invented by German physicist Ferdinand Braun in 1897, but it was in Montana where the first color CRT television was developed. In 1951, RCA engineers at the company's plant in Bozeman, Montana, created the first color television using a CRT.

Acrylic Paint:

Close-up side view of trays of coloured paint and paint rollers


Acrylic paint was invented by two Montana State University professors, Dr. Daniel Graham and Dr. Rohm Haas, in the 1940s. The paint is made from a polymer emulsion that dries quickly and is resistant to water. Today, acrylic paint is widely used in the arts and crafts industry.

The Ice Cream Cone:



The origin of the ice cream cone is widely debated, but one popular story attributes its invention to Charles E. Menches, who was operating an ice cream stand at the Lewis and Clark Centennial Exposition in 1905 in Missoula, Montana. Menches ran out of cups to serve ice cream, so he partnered with a neighboring vendor who was selling waffles to create a cone-shaped pastry to hold the ice cream.

These inventions have had a profound impact on the way we live and work, and continue to shape the world today.

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