Yesterday I pointed out the longest road that spans North Dakota from north to south. Today, let's continue our road trip from west to east. Depending on who you ask, opinions do vary about what highway is the longest in the state. Is it Highway 2 or Highway 200? According to Wikipedia, Highway 200 is indeed North Dakota's Longest highway.
Highway 2

Highway 2

Most of us in western North Dakota know this highway all too well. Wikipedia shows the route connects the cities of Williston, Minot, and Grand Forks. It's 358 miles long. US 2 between Williston and Minot has various high locations where viewing the graceful and beautiful terrain for several miles in all directions is possible. Between Minot and Grand Forks, US 2 offers a constantly changing scenery of agricultural farm and pasture areas, native wetlands, and tiny lakes. US 2 also passes near Devils Lake, near the city of the same name. Throughout the state, the route generally follows the Great Northern Railway route, which the Empire Builder also uses. The Wonderland and Teddy Roosevelt Trail were the original names for the US 2 route through North Dakota.

The highway passes through Rugby, just east of the route's connection with North Dakota Highway 3 (ND 3), which was recognized as the geographical center of North America in 1931. When US 2 was widened from two to four lanes in 1971, the monument marking the geographic center of the continent had to be relocated.


Highway 200

This route is an important east-west state highway in North Dakota. It connects Minnesota State Highway 200 at Halstad, Minnesota, to Montana Highway 200 near Fairview, Montana. It is North Dakota's longest state roadway, stretching about 416 miles (669 kilometers). According to Wikipedia, this route was renumbered from North Dakota Route 7 to make a continuous chain of similarly numbered state highways stretching from Minnesota to Idaho.

Whatever highway you travel, make sure you have some snacks, a couple of Monster drinks, and the radio locked on a Townsquare Media station!

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