The City of Williston is calling on its residents to actively participate in the creation of an Infrastructure Safety Action Plan. This forward-thinking initiative seeks to combine crash data and community feedback to make Williston's streets safer for everyone who uses them, be they pedestrians, bicyclists, transit users, or drivers.

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Why is this Important?

Safety on the road is a top priority for any city, and Williston is no exception. By bringing together both data-driven insights and the real-world experiences of the public, the Infrastructure Safety Action Plan aims to address safety challenges in the city comprehensively. The ultimate goal is to eliminate fatalities and serious injuries resulting from vehicle crashes.

How Can You Contribute?

Your input is invaluable in shaping the future of Williston's transportation infrastructure. By participating in a brief survey available at or by scanning the provided QR code, you can share your thoughts, concerns, and suggestions related to the safety of the city's streets.

What Will Happen Next?

The data and insights collected from this survey will be used to prioritize transportation infrastructure projects that directly address the safety issues faced by those traveling in and around Williston. Moreover, your input will strengthen Williston's position when seeking funding opportunities for future safety projects.


Your voice matters in making Williston's streets safer for everyone. By participating in the survey, you are actively contributing to the creation of a safer and more accessible city for all. The Infrastructure Safety Action Plan is a vital step towards a future where the streets of Williston are free from the threat of accidents, and you can be part of this positive change. Visit this website to help shape a safer tomorrow for Williston.

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