While gas prices in North Dakota are considerably higher than most in the state would like, last weeks sharp uptick is showing signs of waning.

According to data from AAA auto, North Dakota gas prices remain high but have started to trickle down since last week.

Williams County comes in with an average price of $4.10, making prices 12 cents above the state average of $3.98 and 22 cents above the national average of $3.88 which is up 7 cents over the last week.

The most expensive county to fill up in is Dunn at $4.37 and the least expensive is Trail county at $3.78 per gallon.

Since the previous week, the national average cost a gallon of gas has increased by more than a nickel. The main offender is the sharp increase in oil prices, which have risen by several dollars to average approximately $90 per barrel.

“Oil costs are putting upward pressure on pump prices, but the rise is tempered by much lower demand,” said Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson. “The slide in people fueling up is typical, with schools back in session, the days getting shorter, and the weather less pleasant. But the usual decline in pump prices is being stymied for now by these high oil costs.”

The Energy Information Administration has released new statistics showing that last week's gas demand dropped dramatically from 9.32 to 8.31 million barrels per day.

Total domestic gasoline stockpiles increased from 214.7 to 220.3 million barrels during this time. Despite a decline in demand due to rising inventories, pump prices have increased as a result of rising oil prices.


Current Avg.$3.985$4.270$4.648$4.339
Yesterday Avg.$3.987$4.278$4.668$4.333
Week Ago Avg.$4.032$4.339$4.676$4.267
Month Ago Avg.$3.771$4.092$4.388$4.181
Year Ago Avg.$3.643$3.970$4.366$4.813
  • The nation’s top 10 most expensive markets: California ($5.50), Washington ($5.05), Hawaii ($4.79), Nevada ($4.73), Oregon ($4.70), Alaska ($4.60), Arizona ($4.51), Utah ($4.32), Montana ($4.20) and Idaho ($4.15).
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