Gas prices through out the region have shot up significantly over the last week and maintenance at Minnesota refinery may be to blame.

According to data from AAA auto, North Dakota has seen it's gas prices skyrocket thanks by and large to the unforeseen outage in Minnesota.

Williams County comes in with an average price of $4.16, making prices 13 cents above the state average of $4.03 and 33 cents above the national average of $3.83 which is up to cents from earlier in this week..

The most expensive county to fill up in is Dunn at $4.37 and the least expensive counties are Ransom and Trail counties at $3.76 per gallon.

According to a statement released by GasBuddy, impacted areas stemming from the Minnesota shutdown would likely see significant increases in petrol prices, ranging from 50 cents to $1 per gallon.

Because of this inflation, businesses who buy gas soon may find themselves in a situation where they must raise their prices significantly in order to avoid losing money.

The region's drivers are urged to keep informed and make plans for any potential negative economic effects of this rise in fuel costs.

With the arrival of winter fuel, gas prices are anticipated to decrease in the coming weeks.


Current Avg.$4.032$4.339$4.676$4.267
Yesterday Avg.$4.014$4.319$4.679$4.252
Week Ago Avg.$3.714$3.997$4.368$4.237
Month Ago Avg.$3.776$4.093$4.398$4.125
Year Ago Avg.$3.646$3.979$4.364$4.871

According to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas demand increased from 9.07 to 9.32 million barrel per day last week.

Meanwhile, total domestic gasoline stocks dropped from 217.4 to 214.7 million barrels.

  • The nation’s top 10 least expensive markets: Mississippi ($3.28), Louisiana ($3.35), Texas ($3.37), Tennessee ($3.39), Alabama ($3.40), Arkansas ($3.40), South Carolina ($3.45), Kentucky ($3.47), Missouri ($3.49) and North Carolina ($3.50).
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