On April 3, 2024, the Williston Fire Department (WFD) swiftly responded to a commercial structure fire at the Williston Brewing Company on 2nd Avenue West. Dispatched at 10:26 AM by the Williams County Dispatch Center, the fire was reported in the kitchen area, prompting a rapid 1st Alarm response due to active flames.

Upon arrival, Truck 2 from Fire Station #2 was the first apparatus on the scene at 10:31 AM. Crews found an ongoing evacuation and were informed that a deep fryer had ignited. Despite attempts by occupants to smother the flames, the fire persisted. Firefighters promptly entered the building, successfully locating and extinguishing the fire by 10:37 AM.

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The response involved Engine 3, Truck 2, Medic 1, and command staff, totaling 15 firefighters. With the City of Williston Police Department managing traffic control and scene security, and the Williams County/Williston Emergency Management Department providing support, operations ran smoothly.

Fortunately, the incident resulted in minimal damage, limited to the kitchen area, thanks to the occupants' quick actions. While one individual was evaluated for smoke inhalation, they were released without hospitalization.

Following thorough ventilation and the removal of grease, all WFD units were cleared by 11:06 AM. The fire's cause was determined to be accidental, related to the use of the deep fryer. Thanks to the fast response of Williston's finest, because a pretzel and beer sound pretty good! If you have a chance, give them a high five or a thanks for doing what they do daily to keep us safe.

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