In another illustration of how 'out with the old and in with the new' can impact your daily life, the federal government is forcing the Christmas Industrial Complex to make some changes.

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Remember that this goes beyond the general public's support for a new fashion trend or something similar. No, a new law that may affect how you decorate for Christmas has just gone into effect.

New Law Puts a Ban on a Common Christmas Decoration

It's good to know that if you have already decorated and lit your Christmas lights for this year, there's no need to take them down.

This will, however, have an impact on anyone attempting to purchase the non-LED Christmas lights in stores, as they are prohibited.

LED bulbs can last anywhere between 25 to 50 times longer than incandescent bulbs, and while they may cost marginally more up front, not having to swap out strands as often will end up saving people money in the long run.

Ingram Publishing

Ingram Publishing

The Department of Energy announced back in April of 2022 that the United States would be moving away from incandescent light bulbs and moving towards LED lightbulbs.

That gave citizens some time to get their households in order because the ban didn't officially take place until August 1st, 2023.

Non-LED Christmas Lights are Considered Banned Under New Light Bulb Legislation

The tangled mass of non-LED string lights you have in your basement is exempt from the ban. This is limited to the production, importing, or retailing of the twinkling strands.

Therefore, it's acceptable if your Christmas lights are not LED models. The Grinch isn't going to knock on your door to issue an arrest warrant or order you to take them down.

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