Have you ever thought about where a phrase came from? Who said that for the first time? There are phrases and terms we say today from way back when, and we just say it, because we always have. It's the same for slang terms too. I am not talking specific words (the 7 I can't say on the radio) or should not write in a content piece like this.

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If you're new to our neck of the woods, you may discover that we have our own slang words and phrases just like our friends in Minnesota and Montana. In searching for slang words, BestLife.com dissected some of the most worthy slang from each state in America. The best part of it all is there are no 4 letter words either!


If someone tells you to cowboy up in Montana, they're telling you to approach a difficult situation in a mature or adult way.

South Dakota

If you're saying something's pert near in South Dakota, you're just saying it's close by or "pretty near."


When you say oh for in Minnesota, you can follow it up with a veritable number of words, ranging from cute to sure. Just make sure that whatever you use is positive, seeing as this phrase is meant to show excitement or delight.


If someone in Wyoming tells you something will take a couple two three or they want a couple two three of something, they are simply using their state's vernacular to say "a few."

North Dakota

If you're in North Dakota, you might come across a Dakrat, otherwise known as a Richardson's ground squirrel. I thought it might be something else.

These slang words or terms, which have been passed down from generation to generation, give talk and conversation color and personality. They bring people together and help them feel like they belong. If someone says something that sounds strange or foreign to you, stop and think about the rich tapestry of words that connect us all.

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