As autumn descends upon North Dakota, the Peace Garden State is gearing up for an unforgettable adventure that's set to inspire visitors to "Be Legendary." Two sprawling corn mazes, the Coleman Corn Maze in Bismarck and Nelson's Pumpkin Patch Maze near Emerado are proud to unveil identical maze designs that pay homage to the iconic North Dakota state logo.

Spanning a vast ten acres each, these corn mazes are not just a challenge for navigational enthusiasts; they're an opportunity to immerse oneself in the heart of North Dakota's rich agricultural landscape. Visitors of all ages are invited to explore the intricate labyrinth and bask in the beauty of the state's agricultural heritage.

Photo Taken From Submitted Video
Photo Taken From Submitted Video
Dakota Corn Maze

The Coleman Corn Maze, nestled on the southwest corner of Bismarck, offers an inviting family-friendly atmosphere. Beyond the maze itself, this destination promises an array of activities and special events that will keep visitors entertained throughout their visit. From horse-drawn wagon rides to educational insights into agriculture, tantalizing food trucks, and the chance to pick your own sweet corn, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

Meanwhile, Nelson's Pumpkin Patch Maze, located near the charming town of Emerado in the northeast, offers a rural escape filled with agricultural delights. In addition to navigating the maze, visitors can try their hand at the exhilarating corn cannon shooting activity, pick pumpkins straight from the patch, or take a ride on the newly introduced Bee Train.

What truly sets these mazes apart is their shared theme: "Be Legendary." This theme celebrates North Dakota's rich farming heritage and invites both locals and tourists to embrace the legendary spirit of the state. It's a unique opportunity to create cherished memories with family and friends while paying homage to North Dakota's identity and celebrating the bountiful harvest season.

Sara Otte Coleman, spokesperson for Coleman Corn Maze, expresses her excitement about this collaborative endeavor: "We're thrilled to collaborate with Nelson's Pumpkin Patch Maze to create experiences that showcase the beauty of our state and the values that make North Dakota legendary."

Carrie Nelson of Nelson's Pumpkin Patch Maze shares the sentiment, adding, "By featuring the state logo as the design for our mazes, we hope to inspire visitors to embrace the legendary spirit of North Dakota and create cherished memories with family and friends."

The Nelson Maze opens its gates on September 9th, with the Coleman maze following suit on September 15th. Both mazes will remain open throughout the fall season, concluding their enchanting journeys in late October. Don't miss your chance to "Be Legendary" and explore these incredible corn mazes, offering a glimpse into North Dakota's rich heritage.

For more information, including hours of operation, ticket prices, and details about special events, be sure to visit the official websites of the Coleman Corn Maze at and Nelson's Pumpkin Patch Maze at

Be sure to watch for local mazes to open soon. For now. prepare to embark on an adventure that combines fun, education, and the celebration of North Dakota's iconic spirit. These corn mazes are more than just a recreational activity; they are a legendary experience waiting to be explored!

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