If you also make it a habit of both trying new culinary delights as well as eating until you hate yourself and cannot move, then you have come to the right place.

While secret menus are no longer as "secret" as they once were, especially with the prevalence of In-and-Out's animal style making it's way into our nation's zeitgeist, it's as good as time as any to get your glut on and try some of these concoctions.

Not all of these will be available at all locations, but if anyone would be willing to sponsor, we could give it the good ol' college try.


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If you love Chipotle, you should definitely check out its secret menu to find something new to try. The quesarito is probably the best-known item on the secret menu.

It's a massive combination that includes a large Chipotle burrito wrapped in a quesadilla. The extra cheese helps to balance out some of the burrito's harsher flavors. However, be warned: this is a monster.

While the quesarito is the most well-known item on Chipotle's hidden menu, it is not the only unique dish available. Other options include nachos made with Chipotle's tortilla chips and topped with everything you'd find on a burrito.

You could also try a double-wrapped tortilla. If you request this, instead of wrapping your burrito in a single tortilla, a Chipotle employee will add an extra tortilla to wrap up the burrito goodness.


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If you have a large appetite and enjoy the McChicken sandwich, skip the one chicken tender patty and order a Big McChicken.

This special offer includes a Big Mac or a McDouble burger patty sandwiched between two chicken patties. It will undoubtedly fill your stomach! If you are very hungry, try the land, sea, and air burgers.

This behemoth has three patties: a ground beef burger, a fish filet, and a chicken patty.

Despite the obscene name, the "McGangBang" is a popular item on McDonald's hidden menu. To make this choice, order two standard menu items—a McDouble and a McChicken—and stack them together, placing the entire McChicken Sandwich between the two beef patties on the McDouble.

If you want to wash down your monster burger or chicken sandwich, choose a Neopolitan shake.

This hidden item combines the classic chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry flavors for a delectable delight. Well, that is, if the McFlurry machine is "working.".

The secret menu also includes the McCrepe, the Mc10:35, and the Pie McFlurry.

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Depending on which Starbucks you visit and which barista takes your order, you may need to provide some unique instructions to get them to personalize your drink based on the parameters given on the secret menu.

So, what are the items on Starbucks' secret menu? If you enjoy Frappuccinos, there are a few "secret" ones you should try.

Consider an apple pie Frappuccino in the fall, a candy cane Frappuccino in the winter, or a cake batter Frappuccino to commemorate a birthday. Other secret Frappuccino tastes include banana Foster, fruity pebbles, chocolate-covered strawberries, cotton candy, tiramisu, and Twix.

Aside from the Frappuccino secrets, add some other drinks to your next purchase.

Consider trying a caramel snickerdoodle macchiato, a chocolate pumpkin latte, a raspberry caramel macchiato, or a strawberry lemonade.


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The secret menu has a variety of meat-filled sandwiches. One such option is the meat mountain.

This gigantic sandwich consists of layers of roast turkey, ham, Swiss cheese, brisket, corned beef, Angus steak, cheddar cheese, and bacon heaped on top of a giant chicken tender.

You may also try a double-stacked reuben. This reuben doubles the usual menu item's 3.5-ounce quantity of corned beef, resulting in a whopping seven ounces of meat per sandwich.

Similarly, you may order the French dip Max to get two servings of roast beef on your sandwich.

Another tip to keep in mind while ordering from Arby's hidden menu is that you can change the bread on any of the sandwiches.

If a different sandwich on the menu comes with a bun you prefer, simply request that bun or bread instead of what is typically given.

You can also have onion tanglers, a specialized topping for one of their sandwiches, on any sandwich you like.

Dairy Queen

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In addition to new menu items and discounts that are released on a regular basis,. Ordering from their secret menu brings up a whole new universe of possibilities for savoring frozen desserts.

If you enjoy Dairy Queen's frozen Blizzards, you'll be pleased to learn that Dairy Queen's secret menu offers some amusing Blizzard varieties.

These include a chocolate chip Blizzard, a coffee Blizzard, a midnight truffle Blizzard, and a Hawaiian Blizzard.

Another secret menu item worth trying, especially if you enjoy peanut butter, is the peanut butter and jelly shake.

You should also try out the frozen hot chocolate. Don't get too caught up in the strange term.

It's basically a fancy chocolate milk with chopped ice cubes, whipped cream, and chocolate syrup.


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Wendy's hidden menu is something all burger aficionados should check into.

It includes multiple hacks and enhancements to a standard hamburger by combining elements from different entrées available at the fast food restaurant.

One of the most popular options is the barnyard burger. With a beef hamburger patty, bacon, a spicy chicken patty, ham, and many layers of cheese, you can probably figure out why this burger is called the Barnyard.

It's a really big item, so make sure you're hungry before attempting it.

If you're starving, try the grand slam, commonly known as the meat cube. Like the barnyard burger, this burger is a serious dinner.

If four burger patties to form a cube don't seem to fill you up, consider ordering one of Wendy's other secret menu items: a fossil (nine hamburger patties), Jurassic (10 hamburger patties), or T. Rex (up to twelve patties).

Taco Bell

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Taco Bell actually offers a large secret menu with more than a dozen distinct selections to test. The many options allow customers to select what they enjoy about different Taco Bell entrées and combine them into their dream meal.

The cheesarito is one of Taco Bell's most popular secret menu items.

It's a soft-shell tortilla filled with cheese, taco sauce, and scallions, similar to a quesadilla but with burrito-like features.

While it is not a substantial entrée, it is a quick and tasty snack. If you're feeling a little more—or a lot more—hungry, try the enchirito.

This extra-large enchilada is filled with cheese, beans, and meat before being slathered in red sauce and topped with diced onions.

Want to feel like a superhero? Try the Hulk.

This secret menu item adds a huge dollop of guacamole to a normal bean and cheese burrito.

These are only a few of the items on the menu. You might also want to learn more about the waffle taco, chili cheese burritos, Superman, and double-grilled quesadillas.

Burger King

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This secret menu offers a variety of burgers as well as a personalized side or two to enhance your next dining experience.

If a Whopper is your go-to item at Burger King, you can make it even better by ordering a Burger King BLT, which is topped with delectable bacon.

If you don't feel like a hamburger, the next time you visit Burger King, try ham and cheese. Served on a sesame seed bun, as the name implies.

You may also try a rodeo burger. It was actually on the full restaurant menu for a bit, but it didn't last.  A cheeseburger is topped with barbecue sauce and onion rings.

If you're feeling like one burger patty won't be enough, don't settle for two or three—order a quad stacker to enjoy four burger patties stacked with four slices of cheese, bacon, and special sauce.


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If you remember the pizza sub that was on Subway's menu years ago, you don't have to reminisce about how good it was or lament that you never got to try it.

While it may be off the standard menu, Subway still has all the fixings and will make it for you if you ask.

The sub combines tomato sauce, pepperoni, and cheese for a delicious meal.

Another specialty item that you may want to request is a chicken Parmesan sub. It, too, was on the menu but disappeared long ago. The sandwich features roast chicken, Parmesan cheese, and marinara sauce. It's then topped with olives and black pepper.

Feeling extra hungry? Try ordering the meat feast or the carnivore.

The meat feast stacks up all the different deli meats offered by Subway, along with your favorite cheeses and toppings. The carnivore is piled high with four scoops of steak, bacon, pepperoni, melted cheese, peppers, and onions. With all that meat, it's no wonder where it got its name.

When ordering, don't forget to try your new favorite sandwich on an "old-cut sub." When you order it this way, the bread will be cut the way Subway used to do it — rather than slicing the roll in half, the top is cut in a u-shape, digging out a pit in the middle to fill with meat, cheese, and toppings.

Five Guys

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One of the menu items you might want to try if you're feeling adventurous is the double-grilled cheeseburger.

Featuring two burgers sandwiched between two grilled cheeses, this meal is nothing to sneeze at.

For a slightly less hefty sandwich, try a patty melt. This meal takes a Five Guys beef patty and smashes it into the middle of a grilled cheese sandwich. If you want, you can also add grilled onions to your order.

The two other most popular secret menu items from Five Guys both have to do with their french fries.

If you prefer a crispier fry, you can request an order of well-done fries. The other option is to liven up a standard order of french fries by asking for cheese fries instead.

This entrée provides you with a nice helping of cheese atop the tasty fries.

Depending on which Five Guys location you visit and who is working, you may have to pay a little extra for the added cheese, but you could also get lucky and get it for free.


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