Ah, the great outdoors! There's nothing like it. And in North Dakota, the oudoors are just better, right?

Throw in the aroma of a campfire mingling with the scent of pine trees and fresh air, and you have a real party now! Williams County Parks are the perfect getaway for nature lovers seeking solace and adventure. However, amidst the marshmallow roasting and ghost stories, there’s one tiny but important reminder we need to address: fire rings are not dumpsters.

Fire Rings Are for Fires, Not Trash: Keep Williams County Parks Pristine

That’s right, folks. As tempting as it might be to toss your empty chip bags and soda cans into the flames, it's a no-go. Fire rings are designed for one thing only: fire! They’re not magical incinerators for your trash. When garbage is burned, it doesn’t just disappear; it leaves behind unsightly and potentially harmful residue. Plus, who wants to camp next to a smelly, garbage-laden fire ring? Certainly not us!

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Keep North Dakota Parks Clean: Use Provided Dumpsters and Trashcans

To keep our parks clean and enjoyable for everyone, please dispose of your garbage in the dumpsters and trashcans provided at each park. You’ll find these conveniently located around the camping areas, making it easy to drop off your waste on your way out. Alternatively, if you’re feeling particularly eco-conscious, pack out your trash. Bringing a bag for your garbage is a small step that makes a big difference.

So, next time you’re packing up your camping gear, remember to treat our fire rings with respect. Let’s keep them sparkling clean and ready for the next camper’s s’mores session. After all, a clean park is a happy park, and a happy park means happy campers!

Thank you for your cooperation, and happy camping! 🚮🗑🌲🔥

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