As we usher in the New Year, the WHS Concession stand at the High School is thrilled to introduce exciting changes that promise to enhance your game-day experience. Starting from the next home event on Friday, January 12th, patrons can now enjoy the convenience of making purchases with Debit and Credit Cards, as well as Apple Pay and Google Pay. How cool is this!

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One of the major upgrades includes the integration of a mobile order app, allowing you to streamline your food and beverage purchases. This innovative addition ensures a quicker and more efficient process, allowing you to spend less time in line and more time enjoying the thrilling moments of the game. (Go Coyotes!)
New App For Consessions

Whether you're craving a classic hot dog, walking taco, refreshing beverage, or a tasty snack, the WHS Concession stand is now equipped to cater to your preferences in a more modern and seamless way. The transition to electronic payment methods aligns with the evolving needs of our community, offering a secure and convenient option for those who prefer digital transactions.

Williston High School invites everyone to be a part of this exciting change and experience the upgraded WHS Concession stand at their upcoming home event on Friday, January 12th. Join them in embracing the future of concession services as they continue to strive for excellence in providing an enjoyable and hassle-free environment for all our patrons. Here's to a New Year filled with new experiences, and great food at the WHS Concession stand!

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