As the temperatures plummet and the leaves cascade to the ground, its unmistakably autumn, signaling the end of summer's warmth. For some, this season calls for the backbreaking task of winterizing their homes, while for others, it offers the perfect opportunity to delve into all things eerie and mysterious.

Whether you're fully embracing the spooky season or just dipping your toe into the realm of the unexplained, the topic of the paranormal takes center stage during this time of year. Upon delving into some research, I've unearthed a wealth of purportedly haunted sites scattered across North Dakota.
San Haven Sanitorium - Dunseith North Dakota

San Haven Sanatorium - Dunseith, North Dakota

Originally established to treat tuberculosis patients—a disease that severely affects the lungs and causes high fevers—San Haven Sanatorium later expanded its mission to include those with developmental disabilities. Since its abandonment in 1989, reports of ethereal apparitions gliding through its deserted halls have surfaced. There are eerie accounts of phantom infant cries echoing on the premises. Furthermore, some who ventured within its forsaken walls claim to have encountered an invisible malevolence, leaving them with inexplicable scratches and bruises. Speculation arises that the lingering spirits of past patients may be the source of these disturbances.
Ceres Hall - Fargo North Dakota

North Dakota State University - Fargo

Among the enigmatic occurrences haunting North Dakota State University, Ceres Hall, now serving as the Office of Admissions, stands as a chilling testament to the past. Once a female dormitory on the Ag College Campus, it has witnessed two reported deaths, shrouding it in an aura of the supernatural. Students recount nights filled with chilling noises, doors slamming shut of their own accord, and phantom footsteps racing through deserted corridors. Those brave enough to venture into the basement describe an overwhelming sense of dread, accompanied by disembodied whispers that seem to come from all directions, revealing secrets from the beyond.


Chateau de Mores - Medora, ND

Amidst the grandeur of Chateau de Mores, constructed in 1883 by Marquis de Mores as a retreat for his family, an unsettling chill pervades even during the hottest of nights. Despite its beautiful exterior, visitors report encountering inexplicable cold spots and a pervasive sense of unease. Some have even claimed to witness the spectral figure of a woman and inexplicable, rapid turning on of lights within the house. These occurrences fuel speculation that the lingering presence of Medora de Mores, who met her demise while traveling and never returned home, may be responsible.
St. Joseph's Hospital - Dickinson North Dakota

St. Joseph's Hospital - Dickinson, ND

St. Joseph's Hospital in Dickinson boasts one of the highest concentrations of reported paranormal activity in North Dakota. Former employees share spine-chilling accounts of elevators ascending and descending autonomously, and morgue doors forcefully swinging open on their own. To add to the eerie atmosphere, they often recount hearing the ominous sound of multiple individuals sprinting down the hallways towards the morgue. Although the hospital no longer operates as a medical facility, it has embraced its ominous reputation and now serves as a haunted house open between the last weekend of September and Halloween night.

Scott Haugen
Scott Haugen
TSM - Williston North Dakota

Townsquare Media - Williston

Since we are talking weird and creepy, I have to include our building. Even within the confines of our radio station, a lingering sense of dread and the uncanny permeates the atmosphere. While some employees may not believe the station is haunted, others share unsettling experiences that would give pause to even the most skeptical. Accounts of shadowy figures that vanish upon scrutiny and an overwhelming feeling of unease are not uncommon. Even when alone, an undeniable sensation of being observed persists, casting a disconcerting shroud of mystery over the solitary hours. The question remains: Are we truly alone here?

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