At the beginning of August, I was in Arizona helping my dad with some things while he was in the hospital. My daily commute from his place to the Carl T. Hayden Veterans Medical Center was about 40 minutes. While I was on my daily drive, I would see these white cars with a black spinning dome on the top, and a green and blue W logo. I thought it seemed odd because they would only be around the medical facility.,Scottsdale%2C%20to%20the%20East%20Valley.,Scottsdale%2C%20to%20the%20East%20Valley.
Waymo Car

Turns out, these are self-driving cars, operated by Waymo! Being from North Dakota, and only hearing about this stuff intrigued me more. Their website says "Redefine how you move around Phoenix". I think this is just cool!,Scottsdale%2C%20to%20the%20East%20Valley.,Scottsdale%2C%20to%20the%20East%20Valley.
Wamy Coverage Map

Based on the area they serve, Waymo covers the Phoenix Valley very well. I have ties in the northwest and southeast parts of the valley, so it's not available for me to use. Waymo has been in the valley since 2017, but their idea started back in 2009. The advancements alone are simply amazing.

As you read this, you might wonder why I am even talking about it. I think the technology alone is amazing. Think about it! Self-driving cars are here. We are seeing more of them each time we go to a metro area. Here's something to ponder...when will we see these self-driving cars in North Dakota? Will they work? How would the weather affect them?

If you have the chance, would you take a ride in one of these cars? Let me know on our social media pages.

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