If you need dinner plans tonight in North Dakota, Buffalo Wild Wings has you covered, but we need to have a frank conversation first.

The company recently announced that it’s offering an all-you-can-eat deal on boneless wings and fries for $19.99. Now here comes the tough conversation that needs to be had.

It's all-you-CAN-eat, not all-you-SHOULD-eat.  If you don't eat until you hate yourself in these kinds of situations, then you are not doing it correctly.

Also, don't re-order fries; that is just taking up valuable real estate in your stomach that could otherwise be filled with deep-fried and sauced chicken.

We may have heard stories or even experienced being asked to leave a buffet after consuming mass quantities.

However, this is your opportunity to rectify that and, at the same time, feed not only yourself but also a primal desire to conquer a once vaunted destination that has since been maligned to mediocrity after it was bought out by the same company that owns Arby's

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The deal is only available to dine-in customers every Monday and Wednesday for a limited time.

However, the deal is only available to one person per order.

Those who take advantage of the deal can get wings in any of the brand’s 26 sauces, and hopefully all of them in one sitting.

In addition to the all-you-can-eat deal, for a limited time, Buffalo Wild Wings customers can get a 6-count traditional or boneless wings for free by using the GOWINGS promo code on takeout and delivery orders of $10 or more.

Buffalo Wild Wings seemingly acknowledged the situation with the Instagram caption, “Please don’t bankrupt us 🙏”

More information about the deal can be found here.

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