People can connect with music and food in a meaningful way. A significant portion of the work that we perform here at the radio station involves a  wide variety of music almost on an hourly basis. Much of it is played by us! It is a significant part of our day, and we hope that it is also a significant part of yours, even though it might not be what you would listen to.

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As far as music is concerned, who do you consider to be the most well-known in the state of North Dakota? As explained by the findings of a recent survey, the Y2K music icons that have the most devoted fan base in North Dakota have been identified. According to the findings of the study, which was carried out by No Deposit Bonus Codes specialists, Google searches were studied every month over the past three years to determine which legendary musicians from 1995 to 2005 have maintained the highest level of monthly interest nationwide and on a state level.

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TSM Media Center

It makes perfect sense that some legends, such as Christina Aguilera, are experiencing a return in popularity, but some stars have never lost their admirers. This is because Y2K fashion and culture are making their way back into the fashion industry as social media designers tap into the nostalgic and quirky period of the 1990s and early 2000s.

Are you ready to see who North Dakota's top 5 Y2K icons are?

  • 5th place - Carrie Underwood - 290.19
  • 4th place - Will Smith - 301.29
  • 3rd place - Shania Twain - 314.40
  • 2nd place - P!nk - 360.49
  • 1st place - Eminem - 368-16

Remember, this is all based on an average monthly Google Searches per 100K

On a national level, Will Smith has been found to have the biggest fanbase, with 1,605,858 average monthly searches from fans. But while his popularity has stayed steady since he shot to fame, he has had controversies which may have also contributed to the online interest.


The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, still holds a strong fanbase with the public as he ranks second in the most-searched Y2K music icons with 1,454,169 monthly searches. He’s also the first most-searched-for in six states including Alabama, Indiana, and Mississippi.

Ranking third is Eminem with 1,339,916 monthly searches. He’s the number one searched-for in 14 states including Alaska, Iowa, and Michigan. Jennifer Lopez is placed fourth with 1,314,785 monthly searches, and Beyoncé is ranked fifth with 1,300,395.

On the other end of the scale, the music icon with the least loyal fans is Foo Fighters with just over 86K monthly searches (86,182).

So, how close do you think the survey landed? Let us know on our social media pages.

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