August means fall is just around the corner, and the area fair season is officially over for another year. Working in radio, you may have seen us at most of the area fairs this year. 2023 was a great fair season for our region. The weather was great, the fairs were outstanding, and many people enjoyed themselves.

You might be wondering how things shaped up on the state level though. If you plan on traveling in the weeks to come, you may still have some time to enjoy another state fair! Wide Open Country just released their picks for the 20 best state fairs around the United States. The North Dakota State Fair did not make their list, but one in our region did!

Let's give you their top 5 picks.

# 5 New York State Fair in Syracuse - Aug 23 - Sept. 4, 2023

# 4 Iowa State Fair in Des Moines - Aug. 10-20, 2023

# 3 Wisconsin State Fair in West Allis - Aug. 3-13, 2023

# 2 The State Fair of Texas in Dallas - Sept. 29, 2023 - Oct. 22, 2023

# 1 Minnesota State Fair in St. Paul - Aug. 24, 2023 - Sept. 4, 2023

Every local and state fair has a lot of fun, excitement, and entertainment for everyone. Local and state fairs are annual rituals that help to bind communities together. These enjoyable gatherings provide a variety of experiences, ranging from thrilling attractions to engaging exhibitions that highlight the distinct spirit of each region. They entice visitors yearly with promises of shared laughter, culinary delights, and a celebration of local culture, rooted in nostalgia and building a sense of belonging. These fairs remain ageless in an ever-changing world, reminding us of the importance of meeting, interacting, and conserving the traditions that make our hometowns and states really unique. So go and enjoy them, and remember to thank the organizers for putting on a great event!

What fairs did you attend this summer, and what was the best thing about it? Let me know on our social media page.

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