Williston, ND (KEYZ) With Chris Brostuen choosing not to run for another term as City Commissioner, the prodigious duty of overseeing the Williston Basin International Airport (XWA) falls on the shoulders of a familiar face at city hall.

Williston City Commissioner Tate Cymbaluk, recently re-elected to another 4-year term on the Commission, will manage the portfolio previously overseen by Brostuen which includes the Williston Basin International Airport, Planning and Zoning, Development Services, and Engineering.  Cymbaluk managed the Public Safety portfolio previously.

At its final City Commission meeting for the month of June Tuesday, newly re-elected commission president and mayor Howard Klug, cited Cymbaluk's negotiating experience as making him the right fit for the new role.

"Since we're loosing a seasoned veteran at the airport, I think that Commissioner Cymbaluk brings a lot of expertise to that when we have to negotiate with people from all around the country," said Klug.  "He's proven beforehand that he's very good at what he does."

As for who will takeover the Public Safety portfolio which oversees Williston's police and fire departments, first-time city commissioner James Bervig will step into that role.

Following Tuesday evening's meeting, the full compliment of city commission portfolio assignments is as follows:

President | Mayor Howard Klug: CVB, Administrative, Human Resources, and Communications

Vice President Brad Bekkedahl: Finance and Economic Development

City Commissioner James Bervig: Public Safety

City Commissioer Tate Cymbaluk: Planning and Zoning, Development Services, Engineering, and Airport

City Commissioner Deanette Piesik:  Public Works including Water and Sewer and Library


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