A recall is a major event. It goes without saying that we aim to keep you healthy by informing you if a food item is recalled.

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However, this one is of a more critical nature because it involves medication. You must promptly dispose of these medications from your medical cabinets in North Dakota.

G.A. Mart, dba H&Natural, is allegedly recalling two goods, according to a recent FDA report.

  • Tejo Root, Raiz de Tejocte, H&Natural, and Dietary Supplement, specifically their 10mg pills, that are packaged in a box or bottle
  • Brazil Seed Pure Natural Semilla de Brasil, H&Natural, the 0.167 g seeds, packaged in a box or bottle

The substance in question, "Yellow Oleander," is extremely harmful to humans and was not originally intended to be a part of the recalled product.

What Is Yellow Oleander, and What Will It Do?

Yellow Oleander



India inexplicably regards the Yellow Oleander, a flower native to Central America and Mexico, as having sacred significance. Although the flower is very pleasing, it is extremely poisonous to all vertebrates, including humans.

In humans, the consequences are mostly gastro- and cardiotoxic, which can manifest as a variety of symptoms such as the inability to eat or drink, nausea, abdominal pain, diarrhea, abnormal heart rhythms, and vomiting.

Some of these symptoms may not seem severe at first glance, but they may be more severe for people who already have health issues.

Amazon and HandNatural.com were the primary channels for pill distribution. You could also find these at Walmart. If you have any of the following side effects after taking the tablets, you should consult your doctor without delay; the FDA has instructions on how to dispose of the pills correctly.

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