On Tuesday, January 30, 2024, the 13th Annual Donn Skadeland Night illuminated the Williston High School gymnasium as fans gathered to witness the intense varsity basketball clash against Minot High School. The highlight of the evening, however, was not only the gripping games but also the recognition of outstanding student-athletes and the enduring legacy of Donn Skadeland.

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In memory of the late Donn Skadeland, a prominent WHS athlete and a key member of the 1975 ND High School Basketball Championship team, the Skadeland family, the Coyote Foundation, and American State Bank & Trust Co. presented the "Player of the Game" awards. Elizabeth Milhne and Isiah St. Romain, the 2023-24 selections, received plaques and will be recipients of a $500 scholarship each.

The heartfelt ceremony included the presence of Jan Skadeland, WHS Principal Dr. Jason Germundson, and American State Bank & Trust Co. President/CEO Dave Hanson. The scholarships, a collaboration between the Skadeland family, the Coyote Foundation, and ASB&T, are a fitting tribute to Donn's enduring impact on WHS athletics.

WHS Principal Dr. Jason Germundson and ASB&T Chairman of the Board Pat Sogard expressed in a joint statement, "This is our way of honoring Donn, who was an outstanding student-athlete in his years at WHS and remained a loyal supporter of WHS student-athletes throughout his lifetime." Jan Skadeland, Donn's wife, added, "This is a wonderful memorial for Donn as he still considered himself a Williston Coyote and had fond memories of the WHS basketball teams he played on, including the 1975 state championship team." The event, an annual tradition during the WHS versus Minot High School basketball games, reflects a community's enduring commitment to honoring the legacy of one of its beloved athletes.

Past Donn Skadeland Scholarship Recipients:

2012: Dani Clarke & Cory Vinger

2013: Shelby Njos & Jayden Ferguson

2014: Shelby Njos & Jayden Ferguson

2015: Maria Semenko & DeSean Eikens

2016: Katie Nice & DeSean Eikens

2017: Jalyn Helstad & Baily Bethke

2018: Jalyn Helstad & William Brown

2019: Jalyn Helstad & Makia Remus, Jorn Everson & Jaxon Meyer

2020: Bridget Carvey & Brooklyn Douglas, Wil Olson

2021: Chesni Strand & Edens Dumervil

2022: Elizabeth Milne & Isiah St. Romain

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