As of today, Halloween is two weeks away! Skeletons and pumpkins have been up for a few weeks already, and the stores are full of candy for the big day! It brought me way back to my childhood days. It wasn't all about the costume. It was about the candy, right? Can I fill the entire pillow case? I wonder if they are giving our full size Hershey bars on "Snob Hill" in Williston again this year...or maybe cans of pop! Boy, it seems like yesterday, right?

Kids In Costume

Then the adult in me starts asking adult tupe questions. How much will we spend on Halloween in 2022? Fortune has reported that candy prices will be up about 13% from last year. Of course, inflation affects consumer spending in many areas, but Halloween can serve as a barometer for the future holiday seasons. American consumers will spend $10.6 billion on Halloween this year, according to the National Retail Federation. That goes beyond all that glorious candy. It also throws in lawn decorations and costumes, both of which have grown in popularity in recent years.


Now, let's get to the candy! was kind enough to poll people in all 50 states, and compile the results for all of us curious candy shoppers. What are the favorites in our neck of the world?


1) Twix, 2) M&M's, 3) Double Bubble Gum

South Dakota

1) Jolly Ranchers, 2) Starburst, 3) Candy Corn


1) Hot Tamales, 2) Tootsie Pops, 3) Skittles

North Dakota

1) Hot Tamales, 2) Jolly Ranchers, 3) Candy Corn

Is it just me wondering why there is very little chocolate listed on this survey? Where are the Snickers, 3 Musketeers, Kit Kat Bars and the Butterfingers? Congress does not have to get involved here, right?  Anyway, I hope this helps you stock up for the big day so you' re ready for Halloween.

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