Badlands Search and Rescue K9 Handlers are looking for volunteers to "GET LOST FOR A CAUSE". They need volunteers to lay a scent trail for K9's to be able to hone their skills. All you have to do is provide a scent article and walk in a designated area either in an urban or park setting and wait there till the dogs find you and give them a food reward and verbal praise. For everyone that volunteers you'll receive a gift card to Meg-a-latte for $10 and you'll receive a Badlands Search and Rescue Proud Supporter Sticker. If you would like to assist the four-legged members and their two-legged handlers, please check out the registration link:

Badlands Search & Rescue (BSAR) is based in western North Dakota and was founded in 2018 to bring an asset to North Dakota and the public safety community for search & rescue needs & assistance.  BSAR is an active member of the National Association for Search & Rescue (NASAR) and utilizes the national association for it's foundation of education and certifications.

BSAR is a 501c3 non-profit that provides search & rescue services at the request of law enforcement, preventative SAR safety and survival education, and assists agencies in SAR missions with the goal of locating the lost, missing, & injured and removing them to a place of safety and if needed, medical care.

They are comprised wholeheartedly of volunteer members from all across western North Dakota and northeastern Montana. They rely solely on grants and donations for their funding. Members pay for and provide for their own pack, fuel, clothing, vehicles, and other necessities to see the mission through and meet the challenges presented.

BSAR is still fundraising for their team and a SAR K9 Seminar to be held August 2023, with twenty dog teams attending. All funds raised will towards their mission of providing volunteer SAR. Help them help those lost, missing or injured. Call/text Jim at 406-201-0155 for more information.

They have been given donations in the past to include a cargo trailer, two boats, one boat trailer, a camper trailer, and a small pickup. They have also received monetary donations and grants over the last few years that permitted them to purchase training courses, a wheeled litter with backboard, materials to outfit the donated camper and morph it into a mobile command trailer, handheld radios donated by the West Fargo PD, an AED, and other items pertinent to becoming more prepared and more ready to those in need. Their volunteer members stand ready 24/7.

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