With the turn in the weather, spending time outdoors with friends and family is nearly here, so we asked ChatGPT to create a cocktail inspired by Williston.

Here is what it came up with:

Welcome to "Mixology with ChatGPT", where we explore the unique flavors and stories behind craft cocktails. Today, we're diving into the heart of North Dakota with a drink inspired by the town of Williston.

This cocktail is a nod to the local flora of the area, specifically the chokecherry. Chokecherries are a small, tart fruit that grow wild in the area and are used in many local dishes and drinks. We're going to incorporate the flavor of these little berries into our cocktail by using chokecherry syrup.

Introducing the "Wild Dakota" cocktail! To make this drink, we'll need a few key ingredients:

  • 2 oz of whiskey
  • 1 oz of chokecherry syrup
  • ½ oz of fresh lemon juice
  • 2 dashes of orange bitters
  • A sprig of rosemary
  • Ice

First, we'll start by filling our cocktail shaker with ice. Then, we'll add 2 oz of whiskey, 1 oz of chokecherry syrup, and ½ oz of fresh lemon juice. We'll finish with 2 dashes of orange bitters and give it a good shake for about 10-15 seconds.

Next, we'll strain the cocktail into a chilled glass filled with ice. For a little extra flair, we'll add a sprig of rosemary as a garnish. The rosemary not only adds a nice pop of color, but it also complements the earthy undertones of the whiskey and chokecherry flavors.

Take a sip of this cocktail and you'll immediately taste the sweetness of the chokecherry syrup, followed by the smoky and complex flavor of the whiskey. The hint of lemon juice adds a touch of brightness and acidity, while the orange bitters bring a subtle spice to the drink.

There you have it, the "Wild Dakota" cocktail. A drink that pays homage to the flavors of North Dakota and the wild, untamed spirit of Williston. So grab a glass, kick back, and enjoy a taste of the wild side. Cheers!


For a mocktail version of this recipie, substitute the whisky for ginger beer to create the "Wild Dakota" Mocktail.

What did you think of the "Wild Dakota"? Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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