With spooky season upon us we did that scariest thing we could think of, ask an AI to come up with what a Williston themed haunted house would feature.

Here is what Skynet ChatGPT came up with:

Creating a Williston, North Dakota-themed haunted house requires incorporating elements that play on local legends, history, and the unique characteristics of the area. Here are some ideas for what could be featured in such a haunted house:

  1. Ghostly Oil Workers: Williston is known for its oil industry, so you could have ghostly oil workers in tattered, oil-stained clothing haunting the corridors. They could carry oil lanterns and mutter eerie tales of accidents and mishaps in the oil fields.
  2. Haunted Drilling Rig: A creepy, rusted oil drilling rig could serve as a central attraction. Visitors could navigate their way through the dark and spooky interior, with unexpected scares and ghostly apparitions appearing as they explore.
  3. Ghosts of Pioneers: Incorporate elements of the area's pioneer history by featuring ghostly figures dressed in old-fashioned clothing from the late 19th century. They could tell stories of the harsh pioneer life and the struggles they faced in the area.
  4. Tornado Room: Williston is in an area prone to severe weather, including tornadoes. You could create a room that simulates a tornado, with strong winds, debris, and ghostly voices warning of impending danger.
  5. Abandoned Railroad Tracks: Utilize abandoned railroad tracks and have ghostly figures appear suddenly along them. Visitors would have to navigate these tracks while avoiding spectral train hazards.
  6. Haunted Prairie: Create a haunted prairie scene with eerie, moving grass, hidden scarecrows, and ghostly animal sounds. This could be a nod to North Dakota's vast open spaces.
  7. Dark Cornfields: North Dakota is known for its agriculture, so a creepy cornfield maze with scarecrows that come to life could add a sinister twist to the haunted house experience.
  8. Minotaur in the Bakken Formation: Incorporate the Bakken Formation, a significant oil-producing area in North Dakota, as a backdrop for a terrifying encounter with a mythical Minotaur guarding the riches beneath the earth.
  9. Ghostly Crop Circles: Create mysterious crop circles in a dark, eerie field, with ghostly figures emerging from the formations and unsettling lights dancing in the distance.
  10. Badlands of the Dead: If possible, recreate the rugged terrain of the Badlands in a section of the haunted house, complete with ghostly cowboys and outlaws who roamed these lands.

Remember that safety should always be a top priority in designing a haunted house. Ensure that the scares are enjoyable and not overly intense or frightening for visitors. Also, consider incorporating local lore and legends, and be respectful of the community and its history when developing the theme.

What do you think? Would you implement these in your own haunted house, or go to a haunted house that featured these?

Let us know in the Facebook comments.

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