Unlike Wyoming, North Dakota is real and has actual people living in it.  To prove it, here are 10 songs written about the Peace Garden State.

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“North Dakota” By Tigirlily

Let's get this one out of the way.  We know who they are, and we know what they have a mid amount of talent for.

“North Dakota” is an ode, unsurprisingly, to North Dakota; it's a ham-fisted attempt to be a down-to-earth tourism slogan as well as a "country" version of “California Girls.”

It lists off different types of guys, alternating back and forth with how much they love the state; it may have been catchy if it wasn't so monotonous.

“I Gotta Gal I Love (In North And South Dakota)” By Frank Sinatra

There's really nothing to do with North Dakota, besides the fact that ol' Blue Eyes is womanizing about having women in multiple states and being a general overall creep.

This song was obviously from a different time, and while listening to it may make you roll your eyes, here it is on the list.

Frank also busts out his junior high dropout rhyming ability by coupling “Dakota” with “iota” and “quota.”

“You’ve Never Been To North Dakota” By Brennen Leigh

Singer-songwriter Brennen Leigh infuses this anthem to her home state with wistful longing for the past while praising the sights and sounds of the place.


If you're a fan of nasal singing and plucking at a guitar in a poor attempt to be folksy, country, or bluegrass-ish, then this song is certainly for you.

“Nellie Kane” By Phish

Phish has been around as a jam band for a generation, and just a cursory listen to their live work explains why their group’s fan base is so dedicated.

“Nellie Kane” is a song about a guy who meets the titular woman in North Dakota.

The rambling and incoherency of the song almost make it endearing, but then you realize the sheer amount of bong rips and hackeysacking that has gone on during the playing of this song.

“North Dakota” By Mako

DJ Alex Seaver—better known as MAKO—"sings" with the help of a staggering amount of auto-tune.  All he wants is to go to North Dakota, where he feels he’ll be free and whole.

The whole affair sounds like the theme song for a youth pastor who needs a fourth new lease on life after he was kicked out of yet another congregation for "reasons."

 “My North Dakota Home” By Lawrence Welk

Two things: Lawrence Welk’s brand of so-called champagne music has not aged well. There’s also something uncanny and hauntingly terrifying.

Maybe it's that this type of music is being used ironically in cinemas during horror movie trailers, or it reminds us of plastic-covered furniture and the unrelenting smell of menthol cigarettes.

“North Dakota” By Lyle Lovett

Texas-born singer-songwriter Lyle Lovett may look like Gumby come to life, but he is the thinking man’s cowboy, writing songs of wit, poignancy, and introspection.

“North Dakota” is a typical sad cowboy eating pudding song that talks about probably the loss or lack of a good woman, whisky, and maybe a dog.  Who knows.

“Highway Headin’ South” By Dolly Parton

North Dakotans might take issue with this song, as Dolly Parton calls the state out specifically, saying that a Southern girl just can’t deal with the cold there.

Parton sings that the state got the best years of her life, and it would seem, from the lyrics, that the only thing she disliked about living there was that it was cold.

Perfect description Dolly, no notes.

“North Dakota Hymn” By James Foley

Today, many of you who have made it this far (if there are actually any) will learn that North Dakota has a state Hymn.

It's a hymn pledging allegiance to North Dakota, which, while not as crazy as Texan schoolchildren saying the Texas state pledge every morning, isn't something that needs to be reincorporated into society today.

Poet James Foley actually met Teddy Roosevelt out in the Badlands, which is a fun anecdote about him that may just earn it enough room for a spot on the record shelves.

“North Dakota Boy” By Doc Walker

“North Dakota Boy,” is apparently a song that was performed by the alleged musical group Doc Walker.

It's almost a certainty that Walker's medical degree is fraudulent, even if he is just a doctor of walking.

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