For the 2022 fall semester, 151 Of the 924 students enrolled in Fall 2022, were named to Williston State College’s President’s Honor Roll and the Dean’s List.

Nearly every college and university across the country includes a Dean's and/or President's List, or a similar roster of students who have performed particularly well during the previous semester or school year.

The lists are similar to Honor Roll in high schools and Cum Laude, in some secondary institutions, that are given to students for the academic excellence.

The lists have traditionally been a prestigious honor for which to strive during your years of higher education because it demonstrates a commitment to academic excellence and the ability to rise to the workload.

Requirements for making the Dean's List vary from institution to institution, but most mandate a specific number of course hours to be taken and a set GPA to be maintained during the term or school year, so what do Williston State College students need to achieve academically to be placed on the lists respectively?

Students who earned a 3.8 GPA or higher while enrolled in twelve or more credits for the semester are named to the President's Honor Roll.

Students who earned a 3.5-3.79 GPA while enrolled in twelve or more credits for the semester are named to the Dean's List.

To maintain eligibility, each student must enroll in a minimum of twelve credit hours per semester and keep an average of 3.30 GPA while attending WSC.

Congratulations to the following WSC Fall 2022 President’s Honor Roll and Dean’s List recipients!

Here are the names of those that have earned spots on the list for the semester.


attachment-President's List
attachment-Dean's List


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