Talk around the building included the rainy weekend, and the deluge of rain Williston received on Saturday for Band Day. The forecast on Saturday showed a 100% chance of rain which kept many from attending the 95th annual parade. The parade route was lined with people in their cars, and the diehards were in their rain gear to take in the festivities.


Mother Nature provided some much-needed rain to the area, and the bands that marched sounded great.


It's always fun to see the featured guest bands, but the local ones always show up and make Band Day even better.
Grenora School

The Williston's Band Directors made the difficult decision not to march on Saturday, and held a band performance at the high school on Sunday, which was well attended. All involved want to say thanks for your flexibility and understanding. A post on their Facebook page says let's hope it never rains on Band Day again!.


Because the grounds at Harmon Park were so saturated with recent rains, activities and food vendors were moved to the Williston fairgrounds. According to this website, the Mon-Dak region saw good rainfall through Saturday.


Throw in the National Weather Service, and the metering they do, we got a fair amount of rain in our area May 11 - 13. How much did the area get?

Bowbells - 2.69 inches of rain

Williston - 2.55 inches of rain

Epping - 2.30 inches of rain

Killdeer - 2.28 inches of rain

Crosby - 2.27 inches of rain

Powers Lake - 2.18 inches of rain

Arneguard - 1.93 inches of rain

Tioga- 1.93 inches of rain

Warford City - 1.72 inches of rain

The National Weather Service in Bismarck has an official rain total in Sawyer at 5.10  inches, and 1 mile southwest of Minot shows 4.51 inches of rain. Rain is always appreciated, but let's start the campaign now with Nother Nature to hold off on Band Day in the future.

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