The use of porch lights as a form of support is widespread across North Dakota. For example, you might notice that someone's porch light is painted in various colors; but, what does each of those colors represent?

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Until recently, I was unaware that the various hues of porch lights may have a specific significance. There is a possibility that some of the many hues of porch lights are completely meaningless, while others may be associated with a particular event, such as orange for Halloween. On the other hand, I just recently discovered that the significance of certain porch lights differs depending on the color of the illumination.

Let's dive in and see what each color means.

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center
Green Porch Light

Green Porch Light Meaning

A green porch light signifies various meanings, such as showing appreciation for the military, celebrating St. Patrick's Day, and raising awareness for Lyme disease. This versatile symbol reflects support for servicemen and women, Irish heritage, and advocacy for those affected by Lyme disease, uniting communities in diverse expressions of solidarity and awareness.

Pink Porch Light Meaning

A pink porch light often symbolizes support for various causes, such as breast cancer awareness, LGBTQ+ pride, or solidarity with survivors of domestic violence. It serves as a visible and meaningful gesture, signaling empathy and fostering a sense of community awareness and inclusivity.

Yellow Porch Light Meaning

A yellow porch light typically signifies support for military troops, symbolizing a welcoming beacon for veterans and active-duty service members. This simple yet powerful gesture aims to honor and express gratitude for their sacrifices, creating a sense of unity and appreciation within the community. It can also help in reducing bugs!

Orange Porch Light Meaning

All around America, porch lights will be orange in October. This color is thought to be energetic and celebratory, and it's frequently used as a decoration for Halloween and fall. Orange porch lights are so strongly linked to Halloween that many people mistake them for "Halloween" lights.

Purple Porch Light Meaning

A purple porch light typically symbolizes awareness and support for different causes, such as Alzheimer's disease, epilepsy, or pancreatic cancer. By displaying a purple light, individuals aim to promote understanding, raise awareness, and express solidarity with those impacted by these health issues, fostering a sense of compassion and unity within the community. It also shows you take a stand against domestic violence.

Red Porch Light Meaning

A red porch light holds multiple meanings, often associated with supporting the American Heart Association's cardiovascular health initiatives, showing solidarity with firefighters, and celebrating Valentine's Day. Whether illuminating for heart health, honoring first responders, or expressing love, the red light serves as a symbol of various meaningful causes and occasions.

TSM Media Center
TSM Media Center
Blue Porch Light

Blue Porch Light Meaning

A blue porch light signifies diverse forms of support, including backing for law enforcement, raising awareness for autism, and expressing solidarity with those affected by alopecia areata. The blue hue serves as a visible commitment to fostering understanding, unity, and compassion for these respective causes within the community.

Flashing Porch Light

Flashing porch lights are a primary porch light color. Experts claim a flashing porch light, regardless of hue, indicates problems for your neighbor! A flashing porch light alerts an ambulance, police, or firefighters to help them find an address in an emergency, according to experts. If you spot a flashing light, use your judgment and notify authorities if necessary!

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