The internet is a bottomless bastion of stupidity, and just when you think you found the bottom, some delusional sociopath finds away to blast their way deeper.

In the latest edition of moronic behavior, a hyper popular (although it's questionable as to why) youtuber posted a picture taken outside the house of a fellow youtuber she is in a public feud with.

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If you dare to care about the parties involved you can get caught up on a recent edition of the Philip DeFranco show:

But to the crux of the issue.  Doxxing, which is posting location and personal information online has been a problem for years, and has seemingly been getting worse.

Even a kernel of seemingly innocuous information accidentally shared can have terrifying consequences.

The first step in ensuring your children's safety is educating them about the risks associated with doxxing. After explaining the potential consequences of having their personal information leaked online, teach them about good cyber hygiene. Give them examples of information that they can share safely and things they should never share.

If you allow your kids to use social media, make sure they know that "private" settings do not shield their content from inquisitive eyes. Anyone with access to their page, aside from data breaches and account hackers, could save or share that information without their knowledge—and they might not even have malicious motives when they do so.

It can be harder to safeguard kids against doxxing if they have already been the target of bullying in the real world. Their real-life friends are probably aware of their home address, contact information, etc. If their acquaintances aren't exercising appropriate privacy and cyber security behaviors, this information might easily fall into the wrong hands. Here are some pointers to assist you protect your kid.

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