Before you know it, rental cars, RVs, and people dressed in their nicest tourist attire will be everywhere in North Dakota. Yup, the peak travel season is quickly approaching, and thousands of visitors from all over the world and the United States will flock to North Dakota to take advantage of our many attractions.

The Peace Garden State is a great destination for tourists, and throughout the coming months, there will be a lot of activity in our national and state parks. Nonetheless, one town is more tourist-friendly than others for those looking for a place to stay while visiting North Dakota.

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According to World Atlas, there are 7 cities in North Dakota that are the friendliest, or the most tourist-friendly, destinations in the state. But what city is the friendliest? Before we reveal the answer, let's look at the smallest towns in North Dakota.

The 10 Smallest Towns in North Dakota for 2024!

Which North Dakota town was named one of the most tourist-friendly cities in America?

The answer to that question is New Salem North Dakota.
New Salem ND

Situated in Morton County, New Salem is a charming village renowned for its residents who "go above and beyond their expected civic responsibilities." Despite its tiny size, the town offers a variety of family-friendly events and attractions, such as "Salem Sue," the largest Holstein cow in the world, at 38 feet tall and 50 feet long. Among the historic structures and items on display at the Custer Trail Museum are a 1910 house, a train depot, and a model farm. In addition, there are lots of parks, basketball and tennis facilities, and Gaebe Pond, where you may spend all day fishing. Just outside of town, Crown Butte Lake provides a nice setting for canoeing, fishing, and picnics. Oh, and don't forget about ND Country Fest or Salem Sue!

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