As waistlines continue to expand across the United States, obesity emerges as a pressing public health concern, overshadowing numerous communities with its detrimental effects. From heart disease to type 2 diabetes and beyond, the repercussions of obesity reverberate throughout society, contributing to a rising tide of preventable illnesses and premature deaths.

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Recent data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) paints a stark picture: obesity prevalence has surged to 41.9%, marking an alarming escalation in the nation's weight epidemic. Delving deeper, the Trust for America's Health reveals a troubling trend, with 22 states reporting adult obesity rates at or exceeding 35%. These figures underscore a disquieting reality: America's battle with obesity is far from over. To pinpoint the epicenters of this crisis, 24/7 Tempo took on the task of looking at everything and came up with all of this information.

Are you ready to see what the most obese cities are in our region?


Minnesota: St. Cloud

  • Adults who are obese: 34.80% (state: 30.6%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 21.50% (state: 18.7%)
  • Adults who report poor or fair health: 11.60% (state: 10.0%)
  • Adults with diabetes: 8.30% (state: 7.8%)
  • Adults who get <7 hours of sleep a night: 30.80% (state: 27.8%)
Great Falls Montana

Montana: Great Falls

  • Adults who are obese: 35.00% (state: 28.9%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 21.30% (state: 18.0%)
  • Adults who report poor or fair health: 12.90% (state: 12.1%)
  • Adults with diabetes: 8.50% (state: 7.7%)
  • Adults who get <7 hours of sleep a night: 31.00% (state: 29.7%)
Rapid City South Dakota

South Dakota: Rapid City

  • Adults who are obese: 32.80% (state: 33.4%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 21.30% (state: 21.6%)
  • Adults who report poor or fair health: 10.80% (state: 10.4%)
  • Adults with diabetes: 8.10% (state: 6.9%)
  • Adults who get <7 hours of sleep a night: 28.60% (state: 29.5%)
Grand Forks North Dakota

North Dakota-Minnesota: Grand Forks

  • Adults who are obese: 35.90% (state: 33.6%)
  • Adults who don’t exercise: 23.40% (state: 24.6%)
  • Adults who report poor or fair health: 11.60% (state: 11.6%)
  • Adults with diabetes: 8.90% (state: 9.3%)
  • Adults who get <7 hours of sleep a night: 31.90% (state: 30.5%)

If you're curious about the rest of the biggest cities in the nation, click here to read more.

The data shows a nation struggling with obesity and related diseases. Let us face the problems ahead and not give up. We can create healthier environments and empower people to make healthy lifestyle choices by addressing core problems and implementing meaningful interventions. Using this analysis's findings, encourage everyone to work together to create a healthier, more resilient future. Will you face the reality and work toward a healthier future?

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