Those large, spherical collections of leaves on the trees might have escaped your attention until autumn or even wintertime. What are these things if not bird nests?

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Though some may have numerous scattered throughout a single tree, we only see one taking up residence on numerous enormous branches in any given instance. Having said that, you can't miss one.

What you're probably looking at is a drey, which is a year-round home for your friendly neighborhood squirrel.

Although dreys are ever-present in trees, they become concealed by foliage during the spring and summer months of color and blossom.

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We love to watch our dogs play in the dreys, where they chase and bark at the outdoor animals. Indeed, squirrels do not restrict themselves to living in trees and construct nests that are significantly larger than those of birds. You won't find any squirrels in those winter haunts, as that is where they spend their summers.

That's where you may find them when you see them scurrying up trees for acorns or when you see them dropping their curious squirrel things on the floor. However, they will make do with dreys if they can't find a tree cavity to hibernate in during the winter.

Actually, a squirrel drey is likely above you if you see a cluster of acorns near a tree. The drey may have started out as a nest for a bird, but a squirrel family soon afterward added to it with more branches and leaves.

It is not uncommon for multiple squirrels to share a den during the winter because squirrels spend less time foraging outside. These actions enable a greater number of animals to seek refuge and provide thermal support to one another.

In order to be ready for winter, squirrels also put on weight. In the autumn, they put on the most weight and eat the most. The animals will be able to make it through the winter with the help of these reserves because food is scarce then.

The shivering motion is another way that gray squirrels stay warm during the winter. Aside from being an indication of being cold, shivering really helps you stay warm. Although it may not sound appealing, gray squirrels are really quite efficient at creating body heat through shivering.

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