Well, I say no, but without offering up anything to support that conclusion, let's correct that.

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What does the most recent forecast from have to say?

attachment-Weather dot com forcast


While it does show some snow probable over the next week and change, daily precipitations sit between 1-4 inches.  Some other forecasts have the accumulation for individual days under an inch.

How about a very data-focused map from Weather Underground?

attachment-Weather Underground


Both the fancy graph and the forecast on top show that the state is expected to receive some snow.  Through next Wednesday, WU says the state could receive around 9 inches, but it is still a very long way away from the multiple feet that the European model shows.

What about those small pockets of the state that could get dumped on?

attachment-Weather US Snow Depth


While a very small sliver of the state could get a foot and a half of snow, the vast majority of the state will get under a foot.

After consulting with a meteorologist on the probability of North Dakota receiving over four feet of snow, the response was rather clear:

"I don't even see that as a remote possibility. I do see a few snow events for you, though.  One this week and then again over the weekend into the beginning of next week."

So sure, go ahead and buy eggs, milk, and bread if you want, but everything seems to be heading toward normal late-winter snow instead of a batten-down-the-hatches weather event.

Could things change if the state gets pounded with snow? Absolutely.  However, it's probably considered a non-zero chance.  Like flipping a coin 100 times and only landing heads.


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