As the weekend approaches, anticipation builds for the annual ritual of springing forward as Daylight Saving Time makes its return.Is it just me, or does it seem like we are doing this earlier? With clocks set to skip ahead an hour, the promise of longer, sunlit evenings emerges on the horizon. Yet, amidst the excitement, a lingering question persists:
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Why do we still do this?

Originating from efforts to conserve energy during wartime, Daylight Saving Time has endured, purportedly offering benefits like energy savings and increased daylight hours for outdoor activities. Nonetheless, its effectiveness is still up for discussion in the present era. Critics contend that the energy-saving advantages are minimal or nonexistent, while others point to sleep cycles being disturbed and possible detrimental effects on productivity and health.

Despite these criticisms, the tradition persists, embedded in the fabric of our societal rhythms. As the clock ticks forward once more, the ongoing debate around Daylight Saving Time continues, prompting some reflection on its relevance and necessity in our ever-evolving world.

Will It Ever End?

After I Googled the subject, I found this page talking about The Sunshine Protection Act. It's a bill introduced by Marco Rubio some time ago that would do away with Daylight Saving Time and the need to change the clocks. He has previously proposed it; the Sunshine Protection Act of 2021 was its original name, and while it did pass the Senate, it was eventually killed in the House.

I mentioned it passed in the Senate, and had a ton of bipartisan support.

"Switching our clocks back and forth every year is a pointless exercise that robs us of daylight hours during the darkest time of the year. After passing with unanimous support last year, I hope we can get this bill across the finish line this Congress. Minnesota is ready to make the switch to permanent daylight saving time.” – Senator Smith

“Permanent daylight saving means more time in the sunshine and that’s something everybody should support. Changing the clock twice a year is outdated and unnecessary. I’m proud to be leading this bipartisan legislation with Senator Rubio that makes a much-needed change and benefits so many in Florida and across the nation. When I was governor of Florida, I was proud to sign this bill into law on the state level, and I will continue this effort in Congress. We need to get it all the way over the finish line this time. It’s time for Congress to act and pass this good bill today.” – Senator Rick Scott

If you're remotely curious about how Senator Rubio's bill reads, click here. Is it time we quit this nonsense, and leave the clocks alone? I think so. What about you?

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