North Dakota is gearing up for Quit Week, running from June 9–15, 2024! It's time to mark your calendars and make a bold commitment to living a tobacco-free life. Tobacco Free North Dakota, North Dakota Health and Human Services, and regional public health organizations across the state work together to organize this annual event.

Empowering North Dakotans: Quit Week 2024 Offers Unmatched Support for a Tobacco-Free Journey

For the fifth consecutive year, Quit Week aims to empower North Dakotans to set a quit date and embark on a journey to break free from the clutches of commercial tobacco and alternative nicotine products. With a solid support system from healthcare providers, pharmacists, NDQuits, and local public health units, you'll have access to personalized quit plans and a treasure trove of resources to increase your chances of success. From personal coaching to free nicotine replacement therapy for qualifying participants, the support is immense.

Add Life to Your Years": The True Impact of Quitting Tobacco

"Quitting tobacco and nicotine isn't just about adding years to your life; it's about adding life to your years," says Chelsea Ridge, Community Health Coordinator at Upper Missouri District Health Unit. And she's right—every moment you spend away from tobacco is a step towards a healthier, more vibrant future.

Quit Week Highlights Serious Health Risks of Tobacco Use Amid Ongoing Challenges in North Dakota

Quit Week also serves as a critical reminder of the health risks linked to tobacco and nicotine dependence, such as various cancers, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and respiratory illnesses like COPD. Despite significant strides in reducing tobacco use, 15% of adults in North Dakota still smoke, resulting in 1,000 deaths annually and costing the state approximately $379 million in healthcare expenses.

However, progress is on the horizon. With the collective efforts of local public health units, Tobacco Free North Dakota, and NDQuits, the state is making headway in combating these challenges. So, why not take the plunge this Quit Week? Reach out to Upper Missouri District Health Unit at 701-774-6400 or contact NDQuits to explore available resources.

Let Quit Week be your launchpad to a healthier, tobacco-free future for you and your loved ones!

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