The seasons are changing, and the holidays are coming. While those are things we look forward to, there's something else on the horizon.

Flu season is quickly approaching, and coronavirus concerns are growing.

Coronavirus Cases

If you look at the current number of cases on the CDC's website, they are still very low, compared to the peak of the pandemic in 2020.

According to the site, near the end of June 2023 the state of North Dakota only had 44 weekly new positive COVID cases reported. As of last Thursday (September 21st), that number has jumped drastically.

From June 29th to September 21st, the number went from 44 to 339.

When you compare it to the height of the pandemic, no, that doesn't seem like a lot, but cases are on the rise.

Flu Season

I'm sure you're sick of worrying about the Coronavirus, but as we get closer to flu season and holiday travel, I'm sure we're going to hear "Mask up," "Stay home if you're sick," and "Wash your hands" a lot more.

In all likelihood, we'll also see a lot more news coverage on COVID numbers/cases.

Mask Mandate

While I haven't heard any chatter about this happening in North Dakota just yet, it is always a very real possibility. Many institutions, schools, and healthcare facilities have started insisting or requiring mask usage again.

As the number of cases rises across the country, I'm sure this will be a discussion and potential reality for other states.

Again, this is just to pose the question and put it on your radar as we get into the cold weather months.

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