There's just something about holidays that turns our thoughts to candy. Whether it's Easter or Christmas, Halloween, or Valentine's Day, candy is always one of the most prominent gifts we give to others - and ourselves.

It's that special occasion treat that we wish we could munch on every day!

Rushmore Candy Company homemade chocolates and candies
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And for some people living close to the largest candy store in South Dakota, might mean they indulge a little more often.

South Dakota's Largest candy store, Rushmore Candy Company can be found in Rapid City. It's a gigantic space Willy Wonka would feel right at home in. It is just under 13,000 square feet of candy deliciousness!

Rushmore Candy Company
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According to their website, they opened in 2021 and have been serving customers year-round ever since.

They carry every kind of candy you can imagine. 80 flavors of salt-water taffy, 21 colors of M&Ms, 48 flavors of Jelly Belly jelly beans, homemade chocolates of all kinds, fresh fudge, caramel apples, chocolate-covered Twinkies, and their famous chocolate-covered bacon and chocolate-covered dill pickles.

Sodas at Rushmore Candy Company Rapid City South Dakota
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That's just the shortlist.

They also have 100 different sodas including a ranch dressing one (not even kidding!), 10 ice cream flavors, coffee creations made from locally roasted coffee beans, and more!

Whatever you're craving when you step in the doors is likely to lead to even more cravings as you see all there is to offer.

Candy at Rushmore Candy Company
South Dakota Video Tours via YouTube

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Rushmore Candy Company is located at 9815 South Highway 16 in Rapid City. More information can be found online and on Facebook, or you can call 1-605-342-1489.

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