The Winter Coat Drive by CHI St. Alexius Health Christian Awareness Committee in Williston knocked it out of the park yet again this year! Talk about good timing – just when the chilly weather was about to hit.

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Shoutout to the committee members and the incredible hospital crew for coming together and donating big time. We're talking 100 coats, 10 pairs of snow pants, 16 jackets, 8 vests, 34 hoodies, 19 scarves, 63 caps/beanies, 4 pairs of snow boots, and 41 pairs of gloves/mittens – a real winter haul!

Faith Methodist Church in Williston scooped up all these goodies. Can you imagine the smiles these warm coats and accessories are gonna bring to people who really need them? It's heartwarming, to say the least.

The hospital didn't stop at just coats and stuff. Nope, they also set up a cool "mitten tree" and kicked off a diaper and formula drive. The response from our community was beyond amazing. They added another 100 pairs of gloves/mittens, 4 scarves, and 10 caps/beanies to the mix. Now that's what I call spreading the warmth!

Pastor Ross Reinhiller from Faith Methodist Church couldn't help but express his gratitude, calling our hospital community a literal gift from the heavens. He said, "They are a gift from God!" And he's right – these winter essentials aren't just things; they're making a real difference for folks who might be struggling.

Pastor Reinhiller went on to explain how the diapers and formula collected are a game-changer for homeless parents trying to care for their kiddos. It's all about helping out where it matters most. The giving spirit here is something special.

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