Allow me to introduce you to the Cat of the Week: Marshmallow from ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch!
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Situated in Williston, North Dakota, ARRR Rescue and Retirement Ranch is a sanctuary and cat rescue dedicated to providing care for animals in need.

Marshmallow's journey began when she arrived at ARRR in September 2021 as a tiny tabby kitten from the city pound. Initially known for her serene and gentle demeanor, she was aptly named Marshmallow. However, her tranquil nature soon revealed itself to be a result of a common kittenhood illness. After recovering, Marshmallow blossomed into a lively and playful kitten!

Today, Marshmallow embodies the perfect balance of playfulness and affection. She gets along well with other cats, shows compatibility with dogs, and is great with kids. Marshmallow is ready to sprinkle some extra sweetness into your life!

If you have room in your home and in your heart for Marshmallow, please reach out via email at You can meet Marshmallow in person at the Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch in Williston.


Marshmallow: ARRR Cat of the Week

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