Music is the universal language. Music and art education are a necessity, not a luxury. Everyone should have access to learn and explore music. Creative and performing arts are crucial for youth, aiding both physical and mental well-being, boosting confidence, and offering relaxation while inspiring and challenging them.

Harmonic Creative World in Williston, provides access to affordable music education for all. To make sure a student's financial situation is not a barrier to their dreams and goals.

Harmonic Creative World was founded by Meriel Lora the musical director at First Lutheran Church in Willison. Lora grew up in the Domincan Republic where he discovered his passion for music. As a child he would attend workshops for the National Youth Symphony Orchestra.

Their father couldn't afford to take them everyday, so Meriel and his siblings would take a 2 hour bus trip and then walk with their instruments in tow the 6 miles to the conservatory. His experience inspired him to make sure that an individual's financial situation is not a barrier.

The Harmonic program highlights the importance of music in the community by providing music and art resources, scholarships, mentorship opportunities to students regardless of their background. All kids who are public school age can study music for free through the Harmonic Program.

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The Williston project provides free weekly private lessons to Williston-area students and weekly string orchestra rehearsals. Students receive weekly lesson with top professional "Resident Artists" (highly qualified professional teachers) from around the United States via Zoom. There are both private lesson and group lesson options.

Every two months, their teachers come to town to have small workshops with the students before solo recitals and group performances. Community support and donations fuel this mission, making events affordable or free.

To donate, volunteer, or sign up your kids contact Program Director Meriel Lora at 701-433-1797 or email


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