Tune in to the Big Butt Morning Show on 96.1 and you'll often hear me championing the cause of adopting animals from local rescues. One standout mention on our Whisker Wednesday segment goes to ARRR -Animal Rescue and Retirement Ranch in Williston.

Let me introduce you to ARRR Rescue's Cat of the Week - Meet June, a stunning long-haired black cat. Born a stray in February 2019, she's spent two years under the care of the ARRR shelter.

June photo courtesy of ARRR Rescue

June embodies the perfect mix of playfulness and affection. She's the kind of cat who'll seek you out for cuddles and offers warmth and love in abundance. June's a sweetheart! She gets along well with some dogs and older children, making her an adaptable companion.

June -Cat of the Week Photo Courtesy of ARRR Rescue
June -Cat of the Week
Photo Courtesy of ARRR Rescue

All the feline residents at ARRR are spayed or neutered, and they're up-to-date on vaccinations. If you have room in your home and in your heart, consider adopting June or another cat from ARRR.

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For adoption inquiries or to make a donation, visit their website here. Remember, ARRR operates as a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. To contribute cat supplies, there's a donation box for the cats at Tractor Supply in Williston.

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