Another commerce giant with a location in North Dakota is closing stores across the nation, but will ours survive the changing commerce landscape?

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There likely isn't a department store more iconic than Macy’s. Thanks to it being a central plot point in both the 1947 and 1994 versions of the beloved Christmas movie, Miracle on 34th Street, and it being the driving force behind the most famous parade in the country,.

However, even cultural staples are not safe from changes in shopping trends, with the commerce goliath recently announcing a significant number of store closures and layoffs.

YouTube/Miracle on 34th Street Fan Page

YouTube/Miracle on 34th Street Fan Page

While we’re not sure that Macy’s is at the point where it goes the way of Sears, where they close most of their major stores, the retailer did recently announce plans to close 150 underperforming stores over the next two years. CNN Business reports that 50 of those will close before the end of this year.


This is the second “reduction” announcement that Macy’s has made this year. In January, they shared that the company had made the difficult decision to lay off more than 2,300 employees. Reports, like this one from Good Housekeeping, seem to indicate that while declining sales may have a small role in the decision to close the 150 Macy’s locations, pressure from shareholders is likely a factor two.

Which Macy’s stores are closing?

Macy’s didn’t release an official list of which locations were closing when they shared the plan to shutter the 150 stores. However, back in January, they did release a small list of five locations they planned to close, including two in California.

Macy's To Close 150 Stores

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What About North Dakota?

KVVR confirmed that the lone store in North Dakota was spared from winding up on the chopping block.

Macy’s currently has 90 locations in California and just one in North Dakota. The lone ND location is inside the West Acres Mall in Fargo.

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