Exciting developments are on the horizon for Williston as construction is set to kick off this Fall on the eagerly anticipated Williston outdoor pool project. Spearheaded by the ambitious volunteers behind "Williston Water World," this privately funded project has received a significant boost in funding during the summer months, enabling the realization of its design.

The groundbreaking ceremony is scheduled for Friday, September 8 at 12:00pm, marking the initiation of phase one of the project's implementation. The big event will take place at the pool site just west of Cutting Field.

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In conversations we had with committee members earlier this morning, the first phase is expected to have a zero-depth pool, a lazy river, and two water slides, among other things. The plan is to quickly build the main building before the colder months start. This will make it easier to do work inside during the winter. The whole project should be done by May 2025.

With a remarkable fundraising success of over $9 million for Water World, the advancement is further highlighted. The selected facility site will be situated close to Cutting Field, right next to 18th Street West, ensuring convenient access for the community.

At the beginning of the summer, the group was a little worried that the project might be scaled back. Some even thought that the project could be put on hold because of money. But the Williston community came through again, with many contributors making big promises to ensure the project would succeed.

Remember, this project is being done with volunteers and is privately funded. It's another example of what volunteers can do, and it shows the continued generosity of the Mon-Dak region. To engage the community further, the Pool Action Committee has organized a free-will concert scheduled for September 23, featuring the lively sounds of the Johnny Holm Band at 6:30 p.m. at Cutting Field. The concert location is fitting because the pool project is just across the parking lot.  All members of the community are enthusiastically welcomed to partake in this celebratory occasion.

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